Funerals are never easy occasions to attend or to organise. In Loving Memory were asked to design and produce a bespoke, beautiful Order of Service Funeral Booklet to represent the recently deceased and encourage a range of emotions from the reader – to smile, laugh, cry and create interesting talking points about their life.

Fortunately, the funeral was arranged as we started to come out of the restrictions imposed upon us due to the Covid virus. It has been a difficult and emotional year for everyone but being able to have 30 people from Julia’s family and friends was a huge comfort to everyone.

Julia loved her family and particularly her grandchildren and that love shone through her life and her home. Known as the Queen of the Roti she loved to cook and everybody loved to eat her creations. She was heavily involved in the Catholic Church and also loved gardening and adored any kind of flowers. In her early years she was a very good seamstress and loved the country music of both Jim Reeves and Charley Pride – a hymn from both artists were used in the actual funeral and in the bespoke Order of Service Funeral Booklet. In Loving Memory incorporated images of her interests and of her loving family which really demonstrated the love and care she had for them. The images alone throughout the booklet echoed this love, giving the reader a real feeling of who she was and what life meant to her. In Loving Memory wanted the booklet to be a beautiful lasting memento for the family, relations and friends that would be treasured forever. The solution was elegant, colourful, representative and caring, a beautiful and fitting tribute to Julia.