Order of Service Funeral Mementos

Order of Service Funeral Mementos are a beautiful and lasting memory of the deceased. They can come in many forms, a packet of seeds, flower bulbs, bookmarks, thank you cards, pebbles, small framed photos, little illustrations and even a personal poem.


In Loving Memory have recently produced a small pack of wild flower seeds included within the Order of Service Funeral Booklet at the church service. The small envelopes and seeds were sourced by In Loving Memory and then put together as a little package for the client. The deceased couple were very keen gardeners and the family thought the idea of everyone scattering the seeds in a small area would be a lasting tribute to their parents.


A gesture of gratitude by way of sending out Order of Service Thank You Cards to those who have given up their time to say their last farewell, is a pure expression of love.

After the service has ended and you have time to reflect, Order of Service Thank You Cards are a beautiful way to thank everyone who attended or helped you when you needed it most. The design can reflect the Order of Service Funeral Booklet in look and feel. It’s always good etiquette to say something sincere and personal. You are simply expressing gratitude for the kindness shown to you and your family. The Order of Service Funeral Thank You Cards don’t need to be lengthy, a well-chosen line or two will suffice and preferably be hand-written, if at all possible.


Order of Service Funeral Bookmarks are very popular and can be handed out to family, relations and friends. Designed to reflect the life of your loved one, it will always keep them in your thoughts.

Sizes are standard and printed in full colour and there is an option to have a die cut hole at the bottom with a coloured ribbon of your choice. In Loving Memory can also include their favourite poem, lyrics to their favourite song, a poem or song written by them, a list of their favourite films, an old Christmas present list, a favourite recipe or even a letter written by them to you. The Order of Service Funeral Bookmark is a lasting personal memento that reflects the life you and your loved one shared together.

If you have any particular memento you would like to include or you would like In Loving Memory to suggest ideas, please contact Andrew and Philippa who will be able to help you.

“I was so taken aback with the quality and attention to detail that In Loving Memory put into the package of items they produced for my mum and dad’s funeral. We have had so many compliments about the beautiful Order of Service Funeral Booklet and how it just summed up my mum and dad perfectly. We are so moved and grateful for In Loving Memory’s involvement in producing such a beautiful memento of our mum and dad.”

Miles Fewster