Order of Service Funeral Eulogy Booklets

Order of Service Funeral Eulogy Booklets are produced word for word from when it is read out during the funeral service, obviously, this relies on the transcript being available in a useable form.

In Loving Memory felt there was a real opportunity to provide the family, relations, friends and everyone who both attended the funeral service or were unable to be there, with a copy of the Eulogy. It is always very interesting to hear about the life of the person who has passed away which always reveals interesting facts that you were unaware of. People always forget about what was said at the time and they like to sit down, read through the written word and reflect on the deceased when they have a moment and are in the right frame of mind.

In Loving memory produced their first Eulogy Booklet in the Summer and it has been a huge success. The family sent out the booklet to everyone who attended the funeral with a thank you card and also to all those who were unable to attend, whether through illness, age, work commitments, distance or holidays. They were extremely grateful to be able to relive the moment through this beautiful memento.

If you would like to include the Eulogy Booklet within your package of items, please contact Andrew and Philippa who will be able to guide you in how to supply the final transcript.

“Myself and my sons were overwhelmed with the Order of Service Funeral Booklet produced by In Loving Memory. With over 300 people attending the funeral service, it portrayed Bernadette exactly the way everyone remembered her as and particularly her family. It was a difficult time but In Loving Memory made it easy for us to deal with it – thank you.”

John Kenny