Funerals are never easy occasions to attend or to organise. In Loving Memory were asked to design and produce a bespoke, beautiful Order of Service Booklet to hand out to the guests at the church service for Philippa held at Coventry Cathedral. In Loving Memory always attempt to encourage a range of emotions through their booklets and create interesting talking points and historical facts about those who have recently passed away.

Philippa was an outdoor girl and loved going for walks, particularly in forests and woods. She was also a lover of art and bought a number of paintings from her favourite artist – Rupert Cordeux. Rupert kindly gave his permission to use a number of his paintings within the Order of Service booklet.

Throughout the booklet, In Loving Memory used watercolour illustrations of woodland foliage, mushrooms, leaves, acorns and various berries. The cover used a border of trees and plants surrounding a photograph of Philippa to create a striking image of her love of the outdoors. In contrast to the watercolour illustrations, In Loving Memory added paintings by Rupert creating an interesting contrast that endorsed the theme of the booklet.

The look and feel of the Order of Service booklet gave a real reflection of the loves of Philippa. The atmospheric sense of woodland resulted in the booklet being a perfect memento and a treasured remembrance of Philippa’s amazing life.