Pat’s daughter approached In Loving Memory after we had produced a Funeral Order of Service Booklet for her father just a year previously.

She was adamant that the theme of the booklet would be Christmas as this was Pats favourite time of the year. At first we thought this was a little strange but on reflection, it was a wonderful way to celebrate the life of her mother. It was the times that she remembered her mother the most.

At this very difficult time, she was having difficulty in knowing what to put in the booklet and In Loving Memory helped her to put in the things that really meant something to her, from the steak and kidney puddings to the wine tasting parties. It took over 3 pages, placed throughout the booklet but it was a full life story that really gave a flavour of the kind of person Pat was. During the service it was an ideal opportunity for people to read all about Pat, from the serious to the amusing comments and give the feeling that she was still close by.

One of Pats Grandchildren loved the brochure so much he has requested a canvas print depicting one of the photo montages used in the booklet to present to his mum as a gift.