Order of Service Funeral Posters

Order of Service Funeral Posters are perhaps a more unusual product associated with Funerals. However, one particular family were keen to send their brother off in style with a number of events including a woodland burial, a gathering of family and friends, a church service and a tribute gig. Posters were the ideal solution to promote the various events.

Sizes are standard A sizes and printed in full colour on one side only. You can include all the details of where the events are taking place, the times, the dates and any special words you would like to include. Photographs and illustrations can also be used to give the posters a personal feel that reflects the life of the deceased.

Order of Service Funeral Posters may not be appropriate for everyone but when advertising such events, they are a very useful ways of informing everyone of the upcoming events.

If you have particular events you would like to promote, please contact Andrew and Philippa.

“Losing my father was very difficult but to lose my mum relatively soon after really broke my heart. We had a special relationship and trying to arrange the funeral was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I was literally an emotional wreck but Andrew and Philippa at In Loving Memory were so kind, considerate and patient with my constant tears and sadness.

Christmas was my mums favourite time of the year and In Loving Memory suggested we use this as a theme to the Order of Service Funeral Booklet. I was so overjoyed when they produced the booklet, it was simply my mum and I can’t thank them enough.”

Lesleyanne Rogers