It’s not easy when we lose someone special and, at this time of grief, In Loving Memory provide a unique service, advising and creating beautiful Order of Service Funeral Booklets and other bespoke mementos that are both personal and a fitting tribute to our loved ones that you will want to keep and treasure forever.

Mark and Jean were married for nearly 61 years and when they passed away just two days between each other, this was truly ‘A Lifetime of Love’. Due to the close proximity of Mark and Jean’s deaths, the family decided to have a dual funeral and the complexity of bringing together, and celebrating, two lives was a real challenge.

In Loving Memory suggested and produced a small pack of wild flower seeds included within the Order of Service Funeral Booklet (also designed and produced by In Loving Memory), at the church service. The small envelopes and seeds were sourced by In Loving Memory and a bespoke lino-cut illustration produced for the front of the envelope. In Loving Memory filled the envelopes with some seeds, sealed them and placed them within the Order of Service Funeral Booklet with a prayer card and handed over to the client as a complete package. The deceased couple were very keen gardeners and the family thought the idea of everyone scattering the seeds in an area of their choice, would be a lasting tribute to their parents – Growing the Love.