It’s not easy when we lose someone special and, at this time of grief, making arrangements can be difficult. In Loving Memory provide a unique service, advising and creating a beautiful Order of Service Funeral Booklet that is both personal and a fitting tribute to our loved ones that you will want to keep and treasure as a beautiful lasting memento.

In Loving Memory were asked to design and produce a bespoke, beautiful Order of Service Funeral Booklet that could be sent out to all the people who were unable to attend the funeral due to the restrictions imposed. The delivery of the booklets were exactly one year after the original funeral where only 3 members of the family were able to attend. Under the circumstances, this was a perfect way to celebrate the anniversary of Lucie’s passing.

Lucie was a larger than life character who had so many interests including tennis which she played well into her later years. She was involved in a lace making group, the church played an important part in her life and she loved gardening and particularly tulips. In Loving Memory incorporated images of her interests and quotes from her favourite books, but it was her love for her family that shone through and this was echoed within the booklet, giving the reader a real feeling of who she was and what life meant to her. In Loving Memory wanted the booklet to be a beautiful lasting memento for the family, relations and friends that would be treasured forever. The solution was elegant, colourful, interesting, representative and caring, a beautiful and fitting tribute to Lucie.