Derek was a massive Tottenham Hotspur fan, a huge Elvis Presley fan, a loving family man and a keen gardener. In Loving Memory took the essence of these elements to produce an Order of Service Funeral Booklet that summed up what Derek was all about.

Supplied with a vintage Spurs programme, nearly 50 years old, In Loving Memory used this on the inside front cover to create a bold diversity from the gardening theme used on the front cover which displayed his favourite flowers – roses. A montage of family photos over the years filled the centre spread while an image of Elvis and a hanging basket supported the Order of Service. The inside back cover displayed his strong family love at his daughters wedding while the back cover showed his birth certificate with another family photograph.

This was a smaller Order of Service Funeral Booklet than usual but still got across the type of man Derek was with lots of memories for his family to remember him by.