It’s not easy when we lose someone special and, at this time of grief, In Loving Memory provide a unique service, advising and creating beautiful Order of Service Funeral Booklets and other bespoke mementos that are both personal and a fitting tribute to our loved ones that you will want to keep and treasure forever.

Mark and Jean were married for nearly 61 years and when they passed away just two days between each other, this was truly ‘A Lifetime of Love’. Due to the close proximity of Mark and Jean’s deaths, the family decided to have a dual funeral and the complexity of bringing together, and celebrating, two lives was a real challenge.

A funeral does not end after the main service, usually everyone gathers together to continue celebrating the life of the deceased at the wake. This is a much more relaxed atmosphere where people can chat and remember their own memories of the recently departed. In Loving Memory proposed a series of canvas prints for the dual funeral of Mark and Jean to be placed on artists easels around the room where the wake was being held. Due to their double funeral, In Loving Memory suggested one canvas for Mark, one for Jean and one of their lives together. They proved to be a huge success as people gathered round to enjoy and comment on these historical mementos that really depicted the lives of both Mark and Jean.